Who We Are

We understand how difficult it can be to find unique and beautiful ethically made products for your home that represent your values and beliefs.

  • We call this our perfect cocoa mug! Beautifully hand made & painted, with no two alike!

  • An incredibly beautiful hand carved coffee scoop. An essential for every kitchen!

  • Your shot of espresso will taste even better when served in this charming handcrafted ceramic cup!


At Orange Turtle Lane we know that you want to be a responsible shopper and supporter of fair trade.

In order to do that, you need access to desirable products that are crafted sustainably, ethically and responsibly.

Often, the problem is you are inundated with so many over produced shopping options which make you feel both overwhelmed and underwhelmed.

We believe many large corporations pursue profit at the expense of fair wages, safe working conditions and environmental sustainability while also prioritizing cost-cutting measures, leading to exploitation of workers in developing countries and disregard for fair trade principles.

We understand wanting to add beautiful pieces to your home that are distinctive, beautiful and meaningful which is why we offer a curated collection of incredible hand crafted artisan made home and dining accessories sourced from fair trade partners around the globe.

These artisans are paid a fair and living wage and provided access to education, medical care, safe working environments and community growth initiatives.

Here's how we do it:

1. We partner with fair trade organizations and artisans,

2. We carefully select unique pieces that blend functionality with beauty,

3. We make these products accessible to you through our online shop.

Shop Orange Turtle Lane for artisan-made treasures that bring individual style and meaning to your space.

Say goodbye to mass-produced boredom and hello to the unique beauty of fair trade craftsmanship.

Let's elevate your home with products you can feel good about.

Meet an Artisan

This is Jose Lois from San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua. Jose runs a one family workshop where he creates beautiful ceramics, like our gorgeous terra cotta lanterns.

Our ceramic lanterns are crafted from local clay, thrown on a non-electric kick wheel and worked by hand. Each design is then hand cut into the clay. Ultimately the artisans place their pieces into a wood fire kiln where the delicate process of firing takes 12 hours. The production time for each lantern is approx. 21 days! But it is so worth the wait!

Every purchase is helping Jose Lois and other artisans earn a fair living wage and supports growth of their business and their communities.

You can read more about Jose Lois and the work being done in our blog post.

We are passionate about bringing uniquely beautiful artisan crafted pieces to our customers.

Where our products come from and how they are created is equally important! You can shop confidently knowing you are making a positive impact in the lives of the artisan crafters and know that each product is made ethically and responsibly.

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