Cheers to a Fair and Festive Holiday Season!

Cheers to a Fair and Festive Holiday Season!

As Christmas Day is fast approaching, we can’t help but have a heart full of gratitude for so many choosing fair trade products.

Your commitment to ethical choices, truly makes a world of difference! 

Counting down to the big day, there are still opportunities to share and enjoy a fair trade Christmas. 

Here are a few of our favorites:

✷ Still decorating? Opt for fair trade decorations like handmade ornaments or recycled paper banners to create a festive and socially responsible atmosphere. Bonus, it's a fun family activity!

handmade christmas decorations

✷ Who doesn’t love treats around the holidays? Plus, they make great gifts for friends, neighbors and coworkers. This year, try fair trade treats and snacks during your celebrations like ethically sourced chocolates, coffee or teas.

fair trade coffee beans

✷ Wrap it up! Give recycled wrapping paper a try. Or, wrap gifts in a cute tea towel or leftover fabric piece. These are small changes that make a positive impact . . . and, look incredibly beautiful.

fabric wrapped gift, sustainable gift wrapping

✷ Don’t forget your local artisans! Attend those local holiday markets and shops that feature handmade and support your local artisans.

Visiting a holiday local market

✷ Spread the holiday spirit while supporting a good cause. Instead of traditional gifts, make donations to fair trade or charitable organizations on behalf of your friends and family and give a gift that gives back!

give a charitable gift during the holidays 

🎄 Here’s to a Christmas filled with gratitude, laughter and the joy that comes from making the world a better place! ❤️

Merry Christmas!

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