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We are excited to bring you beautiful, unique, quality, handcrafted products for you and your home. Curated collection of responsibly sourced products from fair traders and local brands.

When you purchase fair trade products you are supporting the artisans and helping them earn a sustainable fair wage that allows them to support their families and provide education for their children. It also helps in decreasing the discrimination against women artisans and empowers them for their families and allows them opportunities to become leaders in their communities.

What is fair trade?

Fair Trade is a global movement made up of a diverse network of producers, companies, consumers, advocates and organizations putting people and planet first. (* fairtradecertified.org)

Fair Trade practices include safe working environment, environmental protection, sustainable livelihoods and community development funds.

What is responsible sourcing?

When an organization actively and consciously sources and procures products and services for their operations in an ethical, sustainable and socially conscious way.