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Olive Wood Cooking Tools

Olive Wood Cooking Tools

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Essential kitchen tools should be durable and, we believe, beautiful! These are the cooking tools you'll want to keep out on your counter when not in use . . . they're just that pretty.

Each hand carved piece is unique and showcases the incredible wood grain unique to olive wood. 

Choose from 3 individual tools or purchase a set.

* All Purpose Spatula - perfect for flipping and serving food. 

* Cooking Spoon - stir and mix sauces, stews, soups and gravy. The pointed edge reaches the tight corners of your pots & pans.

* Slotted Spoon - a must in every kitchen. Lift foods our of pans while leaving the juices behind.

Approx. 12" l.

Each utensil is hand carved from a single piece of wood, so no two are alike. Safe on non-stick surfaces and stainless steel. 

Olive wood is a dense and durable wood making it a perfect choice for everyday use.

Artisan crafted in Tunisia from non-producing olive trees.

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa Garzona
Best cooking spoon I ever had!

Love my new cooking spoon


“In artisanship, one sees the hand of whoever made an item. And artisanship usually tells a story that is personal and moving. It’s 'art thinking’ as opposed to ‘design thinking,’ and ‘art thinking’ is about emotion and atmosphere."

- Grace Jeffers (Designer, historian)