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Steel Drum Tray - Swirl

Steel Drum Tray - Swirl

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A one of a kind decorative tray that is stunning and has an incredible story of how it's created. You'll find so many ways to incorporate this tray into your space as well as bring a beautiful new texture into your home.

Perfect piece to create a table centerpiece with a candle, plant or any holiday decor!

Artisan crafted from recycled 55-gallon steel drums by village artisans in Haiti, these trays are truly one-of-a-kind! The process of turning sheets of metal into beautiful art is all done by hand. Imagine, each indention, shape and pattern on this piece was hand made!

Steel drums used to transport oil into the capital of Haiti are cut, the oil is burned off to clean the metal, and then flattened in order to create stunning and functional, up-cycled art. 

So unique and skillfully crafted by fair trade makers.

Design - Swirl

Finish: Clear coat

Dimensions: Approx. 16 inches by 10 inches

Given the handmade nature of this product please allow for minor variations. As the metal is recovered from recycled oil drums and colored through a burning process it will vary slightly in coloration. Typically the piece has a darkened steel patina. Each piece of art is coated with a clear coat to help protect the metal.

Recommended to apply a spray clear coat periodically to protect the tray.

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Piece of Art

I purchased this tray a while back. It had been on my Wish list, so I was excited to grab the last one. If these make the “Back In Stock” list, be sure to purchase one for yourself. It’s such a Beautiful Piece of Art. Pictures Do Not do it justice. 💖💖💖


“In artisanship, one sees the hand of whoever made an item. And artisanship usually tells a story that is personal and moving. It’s 'art thinking’ as opposed to ‘design thinking,’ and ‘art thinking’ is about emotion and atmosphere."

- Grace Jeffers (Designer, historian)