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Rustic Handled Teak Tray - Medium

Rustic Handled Teak Tray - Medium

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Add a beautiful and amazing rustic touch to your table with this unique handled tray.

Crafted from salvaged teak roots, each tray is unique and features its own wood grain. Rustic dings and natural edges make these trays one of a kind and stunning.

They are a work of art on their own, but very functional as a decorative tray to hold that special decor.

Each tray measures 16"L x 7"W x 2"D

Intricately grained and rustic, each tray is different, as the organic nature of the roots  shape each piece with natural edges. Made from Salvaged Teak roots, these trays are beautiful, durable, and ecologically responsible. Each tray is coated with a food safe blend of organic beeswax and mineral oil. 


These beautiful pieces are crafted by brothers in Maryland who started some sustainable forestry projects in Indonesia where they now own and operate their own shop, using only sustainably harvested wood for all their products. Production starts in Indonesia and finished in Maryland.

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Tray

This tray is so lovely, sturdy, and just the right size. So well made with a beautiful finished. Shipping and packaging was so beautiful too, a very nice experience. Exactly what I needed for my living room. I'm definitely buying more from this shop. Eery single product is so special and have a beautiful story.


“In artisanship, one sees the hand of whoever made an item. And artisanship usually tells a story that is personal and moving. It’s 'art thinking’ as opposed to ‘design thinking,’ and ‘art thinking’ is about emotion and atmosphere."

- Grace Jeffers (Designer, historian)