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Mini Countertop Reclaimed Wood Ladder - Jacobean color

Mini Countertop Reclaimed Wood Ladder - Jacobean color

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Add a charming rustic touch to your kitchen countertop with this Mini Countertop Ladder!

Perfect for hanging a tea towel or small wreath, this mini ladder is made in the US and will add the desired charm to your decor.

Brighten up your kitchen and add your favorite vibe in a unique way!

But, while it's mostly seen in kitchens, it can be used all around your home. We think it looks great by a fireplace or a bathroom. 

Ladders are handmade by a husband and wife furniture making team here in the USA. Made from reclaimed wood so each piece will differ slightly. Eco friendly.

Measure 14" H x 8"W

Stained: Jacobean

Product is mini ladder only. Additional Decor used for props.

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Customer Reviews

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High Quality Product 💖💖💖

I am Really impressed with the quality of this Ladder. It’s So nice & sturdy. The wood is thick & it has a nice weight to it. Every other similar Ladder, that I have ever seen has been poorly made in comparison. I should have known, that I would Only find the Best here. Everything has Always been Top Notch! I’m going to order another before they sell out.
Thank You So Much!


“In artisanship, one sees the hand of whoever made an item. And artisanship usually tells a story that is personal and moving. It’s 'art thinking’ as opposed to ‘design thinking,’ and ‘art thinking’ is about emotion and atmosphere."

- Grace Jeffers (Designer, historian)