The Little Bowl That Could

The Little Bowl That Could

Have you ever had an item with the intention of using it one way, and then continue to find other ways to utilize it?  We kind of love it when that happens!

One piece that stands out as a major multi-tasker is our hand carved Mise en place Teak Wood Prep Bowls. These beauties might be small in size, and despite their name, they are mighty in the fact that they can be used in so many additional ways. 

We wanted to share a few ideas that we came up with and maybe it will give you ideas on how to use pieces you have in a new way. 

✔ The obvious first, as a prep bowl. Prep your ingredients and stay organized before you begin your baking or cooking. This also helps ensure you have all the necessary ingredients before you start.

✔ Dipping sauces – serve dipping sauces like ketchup or aioli in these small bowls for easy access.

✔ Condiments – place condiments such as pickles, olives or relish in bowls when setting your table for meals.

✔ Salad dressings – how perfect to serve salad dressings on the side in individual prep bowls allowing guests to control their dressing portions.

✔ Snack container – portion out snacks like nuts or small candies for a convenient and attractive presentation.

✔ Garnishes – place garnishes such as chopped herbs, grated cheese or citrus zest in bowls to enhance the presentation of your dishes.

✔ Cocktail ingredients – when mixing cocktails, use small prep bowls to organize garnishes like cherries, citrus twists or cocktail olives.

✔ Tea bag holder – for the tea lover, after steeping your tea, use them to hold the tea bag to prevent drips and keep your table clean.

✔ Soy sauce and vinegar – serve soy sauce or vinegar for sushi or Asian dishes in small prep bowls for dipping.

✔ Organizer – use them to hold small items like jewelry or office supplies.

✔ Candle holder – get creative and add a tealight for a unique table setting.

✔ Craft supplies – keep your small craft materials like beads or buttons organized.

These charming bowls give a rustic warm vibe with their live edges and prove they can be handy in many ways!

 Functional pieces that are multi-purpose and beautiful is a win-win-win in our book.

 How about you? Do you enjoy finding new ways to use pieces around your home?

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