Creative Gifting Made Easy

Creative Gifting Made Easy

Do you enjoy putting together the perfect gift for that someone special?  While it is sometimes necessary to just purchase a gift straight from the store, when that is not the case it is fun to get creative and put pieces together to truly personalize the gift for your friend or family.

It's not as difficult as you may think.

- Think about the recipient and what they like and choose a main gift to build off of.

- Start thinking of items that complement the main item and choose a couple.

- Lastly, this is where you can really get creative, look at your items and think of how they can be put together in a unique way.

Here are a couple examples:

Items used: Charcuterie Board, Tea Towel and Cheese Set. We folded the tea towel around the olive wood board and created a little pocket to place the olive wood cheese set pieces.

charcuterie board with tea towel and 3 piece cheese serving set

Items Used: Cookbook, Tea Towel and Serving Utensil (Towels & Serving Utensil)

Cookbook with tea towel and serving utensil for christmas gift

Items Used: Coffee Mug, Bag of coffee with Coffee Scoop and a few treats. (Coffee mugs and olive wood scoop)

Coffee mug with coffee scoop and bag of coffee for coffee gift

. . . or use a beautiful hand woven pine needle basket for your coffee pieces like we did below with our Micaela Basket.

Gift basket with coffee, coffee mug and hand carved coffee scoop all in a beautiful handwoven pineneedle basket.

So many ideas! Know a gardener? How about filling a beautiful planter with garden themed products . . . jewelry, garden utensils, stickers, etc. You get the idea.

We hope this helps your creativity come alive and have some fun putting gifts together this year for your friends and family.

If we can be of help here at Orange Turtle Lane, please reach out and let us know.

Happy Gifting!

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